Dear Gil,

Your recent surgery on me has prompted this small expression of my sincere gratitude. I am a very happy patient. If your being a happy practicing surgeon means performing your surgical specialty in a manner that promotes happiness and good health among your patients, then I must comment that you are surely on the right track.

When I was recently stricken with acute pain in my abdomen and Don Ritt sent me to you for surgical care, I was naturally apprehensive about my new surgeon and his qualities. My being and old surgeon, I knew the importance of the choice of surgeons, his surgical team and lady luck. I must say that I was most fortunate in all respects! Thanks to you you I am back to my favorite – golf. My well being is restored and I have you to thank. My wife and family also praise your skills and your compassionate was of handling things. I am trying to give the pleasure of knowing than your mother’s son is truly and honored physician. In closing, I compliment you on your beside manner. Please don’t ever change.   May you continue to enjoy your life as a surgeon.




Dr. Galloway,

Many, many thanks for your kind care of my surgery. Judy and I both agreed that you have great bedside manner in sitting down and taking time to explain procedures and problems. I can’t say to you that I loved the surgery., but you made as pleasant as it could be!

Thanks Again.




In September of 2001 I underwent a laparoscopic adrenalectomy performed by Dr. Gil Galloway. This relatively rarely performed procedure was lengthy and difficult  but was done in the most expert manner. My recovery time and residual effects from the procedure were minimal and I have fully recovered. Gil is a  skilled and compassionate doctor and I would not hesitate to refer my patients to him in the future.

Gary P. Gross M.D.


While surfing in a remote Island in the Fijian Island chain, I had a life threatening  injury. I fell in  shallow water and went head first into a jagged coral reef. I had numerous deep cuts on my head that came down as low as my eyebrow. I was bleeding profusely as they brought me to the beach where Dr. Galloway, who was also on vacation at the time, was stitching up somebody else who had been cut while boating.Using what medical supplies they had on the Island and working on a  wooden porch of a hut, Dr. Galloway miraculously turned what looked like and air lift off the island to the nearest decent hospital into a relatively  innocuous looking lines neatly swen on my head.

When I had the stitches removed a couple of weeks later the nurse commented on what a good job the doctor had done closing my wounds, and how fortunate I was to have had someone that good just happened to be there for me.

I never told my parents about the accident because I didn’t want them to worry. When I visited them eight months later after the accident they had a week to notice the scars on my forehead, but they never did! Good job and thanks again Dr. Galloway!

Ray Wilcoxen, Long Beach, CA