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Plastic surgery is a specialized area of surgery that focuses on improving appearance. In addition to cosmetic procedures, plastic surgery also corrects abnormalities you were born with or developed after an injury or surgery. At the office of Gil Q. Galloway, M.D., Inc. in Encinitas, California, the team, led by Dr. Gil Galloway, includes experts in plastic surgery. Schedule a consultation at the state-of-the-art surgical practice by calling the office or booking an appointment online today.

Plastic Surgery Q&A

What is plastic surgery?

Cosmetic procedures to enhance your natural beauty are a part of plastic surgery — but the surgical specialty includes more than cosmetic procedures.

Plastic surgeons perform surgery to correct abnormalities to the body that affect appearance. That includes abnormalities you were born with, as well as those that develop after an injury or from surgery. 

The goal of plastic surgery is to improve appearance and function. 

What are the types of plastic surgery procedures?

The team at the office of Gil Q. Galloway, M.D., Inc. performs plastic surgery to correct abnormalities to improve appearance. The types of procedures they perform include:

Skin cancer removal

Surgery is the primary treatment for skin cancer. Depending on the location and size of your skin cancer, you may prefer removal by a plastic surgeon to minimize scarring. 

The skilled surgeons at the office of Gil Q. Galloway, M.D., Inc. use cutting-edge techniques to remove your skin cancer to get you the best health and cosmetic outcomes.

Scar removal or revision

Scars can affect the appearance of your skin. They may also limit movement or cause pain. The plastic surgeons at the office of Gil Q. Galloway, M.D., Inc. perform procedures to remove scars or improve their appearance. 


Gynecomastia is a condition in men that causes overdeveloped breast tissue. For men, it can be an embarrassing condition that may not improve with weight loss.

The plastic surgeons at the general surgical center perform procedures to remove the excess breast tissue and improve appearance. 

Breast surgery

The office of Gil Q. Galloway, M.D., Inc. specializes in breast surgery procedures. When performing breast surgery, the team uses minimally invasive techniques to preserve as much breast tissue as possible. 

Other plastic surgeries you may benefit from include skin tag removal, cyst removal, and lipoma removal.

What can I expect during a plastic surgery consultation?

You can expect a compassionate and patient-centered exam when you visit the office of Gil Q. Galloway, M.D., Inc. for a plastic surgery consultation. The skilled surgeons spend time talking to you about your concerns and goals.

They examine the area of your body in need of correction and customize your surgical plan. They review the details of your plan with you and schedule your surgery.

Find out more about plastic surgery at the office of Gil Q. Galloway, M.D., Inc. by calling or scheduling an appointment online today.